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Target your audience, in real-time, for real-time benefits.

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Get the same access as the Fortune 500 brands! Influence, reach, and activate your prospects with our best-of-breed programmatic technologies. Our platform-agnostic approach is able to deliver the absolute highest yield for the marketing dollar.

  • Pre-selection of campaign parameters ensure we always take the right path to achieve marketing objectives. Target by location, demo, channel, and behavior.
  • On-The-Fly Machine Learning + Human Optimization - we don’t only rely on technology to optimize campaigns. Our team of human experts are able to identify the best performing platform, tactics, and cost efficiencies while simultaneously scrutinizing, tweaking, and optimizing campaigns.
  • Real-time Brand Safety technology keeps your ad away from negative content and top of mind engaging the right eyes on relevant sites
  • Superior Analytics, Data Reporting, and Transparency makes for better buys, provides actionable insights, and contributes to overall brand vision.

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Agencies with Trading Desks

Wave isn’t looking to replace your trading-desk relationship! We offer a supercharged alternative with superior cost control and unlimited in-campaign optimization opportunities. Even for the most complex agencies we can provide a better marketing yield than using only one programmatic access point.

Some DSPs do things better than other DSPs — FACT! We’ve spent the time and money testing the best programmatic platforms so you don’t have to. Not only do you get access to industry-leading platforms through our programmatic marketplace, but you get incredible optimization possibilities along with cost savings.

Our broad and crystal-clear reporting make it easy to see where and how ad spend is utilized and analytics make it easy to gauge key performance indicators across multiple channels at once.

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Agencies without Trading Desks

No Trading Desk? Let us do your buying! Wave provides you with superior reach, increased targeting, and access to premium inventory. Get the same access as the Fortune 500 brands!

Partnering with Wave makes life easy for you. We give your agency the best-of-breed technologies in the programmatic ecosystem, optimization, analytics and reporting under one roof. Take a load off your shoulders!

Programmatic is not a one-size fits all marketing solution. Wave's expert team of media traders and campaign co-ordinators ensure that both you and your clients’ campaigns get the customized attention to detail that they deserve. Not only can we supercharge your buying with our superior approach, but we have one of the most inclusive, cost-effective, and niche programmatic offerings in the market today.

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Real-Time Bidding, let's just clarify.

Real-Time Bidding Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is algorithm-driven purchasing of individual ad impressions that occurs in real-time.

Real-Time Bidding Real-Time Bidding

Websites supply premium digital ad inventory, in the form of impressions, to ad exchanges.

Real-Time Bidding Real-Time Bidding

Ad exchanges facilitate an auction where advertisers bid on individual impressions, in real-time.

Real-Time Bidding

The winning bidder purchases the single impression and their ad is shown to the desired viewer.

RTB is the most cost-efficient and targeted way to market your brand on quality websites.

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Wave Digital Media

Wave is a dynamic media buying company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to escape the confines of traditional low-impact online display with cutting-edge RTB technology. We leverage leading DSPs, competitive media buying intelligence, and superior profiling data to provide the highest marketing yield for advertisers and agencies. Ride the wave on our hyper-targeted, multi-platform exchange.

We are real-time bidding, evolved.



We help advertisers achieve their marketing goals through precise planning, set-up, and execution of online display, video, mobile, and social RTB campaigns. Our multi-platform approach delivers optimal performance for advertisers and agencies.

Display RTB

Display RTB

Promote your brand on over 3 million websites.

Video RTB

Video RTB

80% of users who are shown your video will watch it.

Mobile RTB

Mobile RTB

Minimize wasted impressions and control your ad spend.

Social RTB

Social RTB

Exclusive access to FBX real-time bidding and retargeting.

Our Capabilities

Brand Shield

Brand Shield

Protect your brand from showing up on unwanted websites.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Understand where and how your competitors are advertising.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Get in-depth reports to stay informed on consumer trends and profiles.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Machine-learning technology that optimizes across all channels.



Target consumers already interested in your product or service.

Topic Detection System

Topic Detection System

Engage qualified viewers with the right message in the right place.

...and get results!

Client Results

At Wave, we don't buy impressions - we buy audiences. Highly scalable, granular RTB campaigns at the lowest possible cost. Maximize your digital ROI.

Here are some results you can expect to see:








Decrease in impressions per conversion



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